Saturday, 22 October 2011

Theories Of Educational Objectives

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Theories of selecting educational objectives
  The theories of selecting educational objectives refer to those schools of thoughts and thinking patterns which provide necessary guidelines for the formulation of objectives of education.   The objectives of education serve as a guide to the educative process.  Education cannot get its destination without these objectives.  These are the objectives of the educative process,  To me,  following are the significant theories of the selecting the objectives of education:-

Knowledge for knowledge sake theory
  Knowledge for knowledge sake theory refers to increase in information, According to this theory, the students are taught various academic subjects so as to enable them participate in academic discussions and debates.   The proponents of this theory are of the view that information bring about behavioral changes in the individuals.  Acquisition of information is the only aim of education.  The modern educationists do not agree to this theory.

Personal development theory
  Theory of personal development refers to the all round comprehensive personality development of the individuals.  According to the proponents of this theory,  the cognitive, emotional, social and spiritual development of the aspects of the personality of the individuals are the aims of life. The development of the these abilities allow the individual to lead a successful life in the society.

Skill Theory
  The skill theory refers to associate objectives of education with professional skills.  According to this theory, this is the responsibilities of education to equip the individuals with professional skills along with ideological and academic competence of the individuals.  These professional skill enable the individuals participate in the useful economic activities.   The skilled individuals of a country cause national development.  Due to the skill of these individuals a nation succeeds in the various fields of nation life.

Social Reconstruction Theory
 The social reconstruction theory means to used education as a tool for social welfare.   According to ths theory, the educative process is regarded as a social activity.   This is the responsibility of school prepare the students to meet new social challenges.  The school is a miniature society which prepares the students to play their real role in the society.


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