Saturday, 22 October 2011

Saturday, 22 October 2011

The Importance of Aim of Education

            The importance of aims and objectives of education is recognized by all the education professionals and thinkers of education.  After reading this segment of the book, the students are hoped to:

  • Define the concept of objectives of education with all its associated details.
  • Throw light on the various functions and dimensions of education.
  • Express their own views regarding the general aims of education.
  • Critically differentiate among aims, goals and objectives.
  • Connect the objectives of education with pre-requisites of Curriculum.
Aim of Education
            Education is the most significant source of individual and collative change.  But the question arises what sort of this change should be.  This is the question which gives birth to the ‘ concept of objectives of education.’  The changes, outlines in terms of objectives of education, can occur only by the means of the educative process.  Education has deep concerns with society and society is composed of individuals.  The total structure of the whole society largely depends of the education of the members of society.. Education of the individuals is a very sensitive and responsible act which aims at making them acquainted with the moral principles, social values, political thoughts and the laws of economic well being.  All these varied information enable the individuals self aware and socially primarily concerned with the development of training of the members of society.  In the circumstances it seems necessary that we should determine the objectives of this activity so that the destination of this activity may be decided.  This very destination of the process of education is objectives of education.

Education for Man

              Human survival and strength lie in the existence of society.  This why, mankind unites itself in terms of a society.  Then another question arises how to maintain the survival of society and human consciousness.  The individual of the society carry out the process of education in response to that question.  This process of education turned into an organized system of education with the passage of time.   A system of education transmits the Societal excellences to the forthcoming generations and thereby ensures the continuity of the society.   The existence of society largely depends on education.  The objectives of education are, in fact, the steps taken for maintaining the existence of a society.  If there is no society, there would be no concept of the educative process.  Education is a source of preparation of the individuals required by the society.  The educative determined objectives.   These objectives motivate the process of education.  A system of education cannot survive without the pre-determined objectives of education.  A system of education comes into being for the fulfillment of the individual and collective aspirations.   This system of education is the chief source of the fulfillment of the objectives of education.


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